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SPS Toyz N Tow provides a unique universal ramp system that allows you to have the peace of mind knowing your ramps will stay right where you need them to be.  Designed with 1" sidewalls and a mesh non slick surface it allows you to load your toyz's easy and safe.  Made from metal with a powder coated finish; these ramps are hand crafted and welded in New Holstein, Wisconsin to ensure the highest quality.


Each system has a load capacity of 1200 pounds.  The ramps are 84" long and 16" wide with an adjustable width.  The system is comprised of 3 pieces; each piece weighing 50 pounds.  Our patent pending locking receiver provides additional stability.  Ramp systems starting at $1,299.00


SPS vs The Rest

No straps required

Lengths are at pinned dimensions

Ability to tow up to 250lbs tongue weight

Option to have tailgate up or down

3 pins to operate

DOT approved reflective tape




Check out more videos on of our ramping system!

Photo Gallery 

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